Monday, January 28, 2008

Different hits

I was very excited that I got so many hits from around the country. Hits came from New York City, Dallas,Texas, Salt Lake City, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I got 57 hits and I hope I will get one from out of the country.

Dino Digger

Fun Fact: Did you know Thomas Edison didnt really invent the light bulb? He just improved it. Read all about his inventions here.


Anonymous said...

Go get em kid, I will try to help you get some from out of the country. I hope Germany is okay to start!

Mandy said...

I live in France...but I am from the USA. My aunt from Montana sent me the link...good luck! So in France there are more than 365 different kinds of cheeses, thats one for everyday of the year!!!

Anonymous said...

hey kido lookes li9ke ur doing great will keep a eye on u ur unc rick

Jon & Kim Kovach said...

Guten Tag,
We live in Germany, but we are from California. Hope you are having good luck on your projuect. Here are some interesting facts about Germany . .

-The keyboards in Germany have the Y and Z keys reversed from how keyboards in the United States are laid out.
-German shopping establishments charge for plastic bags.
-Germany was the first country in the world to adopt Daylight saving time (DST, a.k.a. summer time) in 1916, in the midst of WWI.
-Christmas trees originated in Germany in the 16th century.

uncle rick said...

hay kid o will try this again so sorry about the first one .looks like ur doing great it wont be long now and it will be around the world ,just sent it off to spain and sweeden so be looking for them hopefully they will respond ,will be keeping a eye on ur progress LATTER DIONO

Aunt Vik said...

Hey Buddy,

Aunt ViK from TN here! So proud of you. I'll forward and see what I can help u do!

Good Luck!!

Anonymous said...

We live in Montana and have a cabin at Hell Creek, Montana where they have found several dinosaurs. Good luck with your project. Gary & Tootie Marks, Lewistown Mt.

padaz said...

Hello~ I am from Taiwan (Republic of China) located in south Asia (a small island on the Pacific Ocean). Currently, we have the tallest building of the world (Taipei 101), you could goolge it and see its pictures. Hope you could finish the project very soon. :)

Anonymous said...

We live in Pooler, Georgia.

Some interesting information regarding my city:
In December 1864 as William Sherman moved in on Savannah, he found that even though a scant ten miles away, he still has "miles and miles to go before he sleeps, for he had promises to keep". You see, General Sherman promised to "give Savannah to President Lincoln for a Christmas present", and Christmas was fast approaching. Thus it was that group of harassed Yankees that pitched a camp astride the Central of Georgia Railway at Pooler Station that cold December 9, 1864. Sherman stepped out of his headquarters tent, 300 yards west of the station and peered down the long, straight stretch of rails into the very heart of this seaside city of Savannah, which he was besieging.

Good luck on your project.

Anonymous said...

hello kido ,told u i would keep an eye on you, I also see a comment from hell creek guess what that is my ant and uncle ,just goes to show you it is a small world after all,well keep it up it wont be long now and around the world here we come

Dino Digger said...

thanks aunt vicki and uncle rick and thanks to the bloggers too. i check my comments everyday to read them and try to learn something new.