Tuesday, February 19, 2008

1 More

I am so sorry that I didn't get to post yesterday but the internet connections were down. I have been greatly impressed by how many hits I get every day. I have 549 hits from 28 countries. I got 1 new country in the last 3 days. The science fair is coming up so I will have to start preparing for it! M y blog is working very great and I thank you for spreading the word about my blog.

Fun Fact: Andrew Jackson our 7th president and was the first president who was born in a log cabin.


Aunt Lacey said...

Hey there! I am so proud of you and your blog, and how amazing how many people have stopped by! It does not look like there is any hits from Antarctica yet so i will keep my fingers crossed for you! Good luck!
Love always, your auntie!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Dino Digger. I came across your blog through an email here in sweden. This is a GREAT project, VERY neat idea. Did you know sweden has a real hotel made of ice?