Saturday, February 9, 2008

2 more

My blog is getting me very excited because I have 15 countries already! Did you enjoy my latest post? 407 is the number of hits so far. Many people have commented on my blog. My project has attracted many people. Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

hello kido , well it looks great ,wish i could stay home and see who comes in next,but got to go up north to IL, on sunday so this might be the last time i will be able to check in on you,SO SAY HELLO TO THE REST OF THE FAMILY FOR ME ,AND KEEP IT GOING WONT BE LONG NOW ,AROUND THE WORLD HERE WE COME, UNCLE RICK

Grandpa said...

Hey Dino Digger - really great to see how your science project is progressing- it has been fun to watch how it progresses and to see the excitement that is giving you. 20 years ago or even 10, I bet not too many people would have thought that this would be possible - a 4th grader on a computer from his home in the mountains of northwest United States - hearing from all these places in the world. Great project - I am hooked.